Pastor’s Pen: April 20th

United Outreach ChurchNews

From the Pastor’s Pen: The strain of living has probably never been greater than in this day of struggles, anxieties, tensions, and prescription drugs. There are more people consuming more prescription drugs. More hospital beds are occupied by mental patients, while heart attacks and nervous breakdowns continue to increase. According to the news reporters, life is pretty grim. Someone has said, “Don’t read the morning news paper if you want to be happy during the day! Another has said, “Don’t read the evening paper if you want to sleep without nightmares!” And, of course, “Don’t look at T.V. Or listen to the radio!”
Too the unbeliever, looking with sin dimmed eyes into a poorly lighted world, it looks hopeless and they feel helpless. But to the believer who is instructed in the Word of God, and illumined by the Holy Spirit, we are able to read what comes, as it comes, and still experience happy days and restful nights because of what the Lord has promised in His Word!