Pastor’s Pen: June 23rd

United Outreach ChurchNews

From the Pastor’s Pen: In James 1:21, he talked about receiving “the word implanted, which is able to save your soul.” In James 1:22-27, he goes on to emphasize doing the word. In 1:22-24, he shows that hearing the word without doing it leads to deception. He illustrates this in 1:26 with the man who claims to be religious, but who does not bridle his tongue. He deceives himself and his religion is worthless. In 1:25, he shows that hearing the word accompanied by doing it leads to blessing.
It is important to realize that James is addressing church-going people. He is not writing to pagans, but to those who regularly hear the word of God. They had been baptized. They took communion. They attended church. But James cuts through the veneer to the heart!!!
Very simply, if all you are doing is showing up at church to be marked present or to socialize ,you are wasting your time!